The Charleston SC City Directory

Compiled and Published by Jacob Milligan  1794


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Captain Jacob Milligan - American Patriot - 1747 - 1796

Businessman of Charleston

After the war, Captain Milligan took on several positions and responsibilities.  He was first of all named Harbor Master of Charleston Harbor, no small task in those days or now.

He also opened in 1785  "The Intelligence Office" which appears to be the local place where people go to book passage on ships, find out what ships are coming or going, arrange for transport of goods, etc.

As a part of his responsibilities, he took on the role of collecting information for and publishing the Charleston City Directories, as early as 1786.

Milligans in the Charleston City Directories starting in 1790

From a series of paperback books by  James W. Hagy.

From the 1790 City Directory, Charleston, SC

         Milligan & M'Kune, carpenters, 85 Church St.

         Milligan, Jacob.  Intelligence Office.  3 Champney's Row.

         Milligan, James.  Jail Keeper.  New gaol.

        Milligan, John.  Mariner.  Lamboll's Lane.

         Milligan, John.  Inspector Customs.  3 Lodge Alley.


From the 1794 Directory compiled by Jacob Milligan as The Charleston

 Directory (Charleston,  W.P. Young, 1794)

         Milligan, Jacob.  Harbor Master.  N.E. of Exchange.

         Milligan, James.  Jail.

         Milligan, John.  Retail Lumber.  6 Bedon's Alley.

        Milligan, John.  Ship Master.  34 Archdale St.

         Milligan, Joseph.  Tallow Chandler.  72 King St.


  From the 1796 Directory

         Milligan, John.  Lumber Measurer.  118 East Bay.


From the 1801 Directory

         Milligan, John.  Lumber Merchant.  Kinlock Court.

         MIlligan, Joseph.  Shop Keeper.  72 King St.

         Milligan, William.  1 Craft's Range.

         Milligan, William.  Grocer.  Maiden Lane.


 From the 1802 Directory

         Milligan, Joseph.  Store Keeper.  73 King St.

        Milligan, William.  Director National Banck, Merchant, Craft's North  Wharf

         Milligan, William.  Dwelling House, 11 Meeting St.


From the 1803 Directory

         Milligan, Joseph.  Shop Keeper.  73 King Street

         Milligan, William.  Merchant.  1 Craft's North Wharf

         Milligan, William.  Merchant.  11 Meeting St.


 From the 1806 Directory

         Milligan, Joseph.  Store Keeper.  73 King St.

         Milligan, William.  Merchant.  124 Bay.  Residence 48 Church St.


 From the 1816 Directory

        Milligan, Lucia.  19 Philadelphia St.

        Millikin & Primerose, Vendue Masters, Vendue Range

           Milligan, William, Tallow Chandler, Henrietta St. Wraggsborough Neck.


From the 1819 Directory

         Milligan, Jane.  Nurse.  42 Beaufain St.

         Milligan, Margaret.  Widow, Charlotte St., Mazyckborough, Neck

         Milligan, William.  Tallow Chandler, Henrietta St., Wraggsborough,  Neck.

         Milliken, Primerose & Co., Vendue Masters, Vendue Range.

         Milliken, Thomas.  Commission Merchant, Charlotte St., Mazyckborough,  Neck.


From the 1822 Directory

         Milligan, Joseph.  Charlotte St, Mazyckborough, Neck.

         Milligan, Joseph.  Factor.  28 E. Bay St.   Residence Mazyckborough.

         Milliken, Primerose & Co., Auctioneers, 21 Vendue Range.

         Milliken, Thomas.  Auctioneer.  Residence, Charlotte St., Neck.


 From the 1825 Directory

         Milligan, Joseph.  Student of Medicine.  King St. Cont'd.  Neck.

         Milligan, William.  Tallow Chandler.  Elizabeth St., Mazyckborough,  Neck.

         Milliken, Thomas.  Auctioneer.  Charlotte St., Mazyckborough, Neck.

         Milliken, Thomas.  Vendue Master, S. Vendue Range.


 From the 1829 Directory

         Milliken, Gilliland & Co., Auctioneers, Vendue Range.

         Milliken, Thomas.  Auctioneer & Commission Merchant, Charlotte St.  near Elizabeth St., Neck



Advertisement for Shipping 1785

Jacob named Harbor Master 1793

Ad for Charleston Directory by Jacob Milligan

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A tallow chandler is a candle maker!

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