The Jacob Milligan Story

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Milligan Descendants and Ancestors of Charleston SC and New York and Related Families

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This website has been produced by Scott R. Gabrielson.  I am a descendant of Jacob Milligan through my mother's family.  However, the material in the site is a collaborative effort of several Milligan cousins and contributors.  Included are Sean Milligan of Myrtle Beach, Ed Milligan of Florence SC, Don Anderson, Bryce Milligan, Alan Milliken of Australia,  the late Lester Milligan of NY,  the late Florence Milligan of Charleston SC, and others who have contributed.  If I have inadvertently left off any name please let me know.

Halsey Map of Early Charleston SC

I live at Myrtle Beach SC . I began to study family history in the early 1990's after the untimely death of my brother Gary, due to an auto accident. You can email me at

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Early Map of Charleston SC



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