The Milligan Ancestor's

of Captain Jacob Milligan 1747-1796

American Patriot Of Charleston SC


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The Ancestor's of Captain Jacob Milligan


The Milligan's of Caldwell Hall lineage states that John Milligan, son of Charles, son of Peter was the ancestor of John Milligan of New York. John, father of Jacob is the first and so far the only Milligan in New York I have found that would fit this description. David Milligan, son of David and Mary Learmont of Dalbeattie was also a merchant in New York from 1759 to 1763 before returning to London as a merchant and prominent lawyer. He and John were both members of the St. Andrews Society. He was also very involved with the Charleston area.  John Milligan was married to Ann Phenix Milligan.  Dr.John Milligan was in New York by 1748-49 as evidenced in this advertisement.


The Milligans of Caldwell Hall

The Milligans of Caldwell Hall in Derbyshire, England, like the Millikens of Milliken in Renfrewshire, Scotland, descend from the ancient family of Amuligane in Nithsdale and made their fortune in the 1700s, through trade with the West Indies. I hope in later issues to re-examine parts of the early history relating to this family and in particular the elusive Rev. Peter Milligan, Minister of Colvend in Kirkcudbrightshire. As already observed his son, Charles Milligan, was beheaded at Carlisle, England, in 1609 and according to this pedigree he was the ancestor of John Milligan of New York, USA. I have transcribed the pedigree as it appears in Burke’s Peerage.

 Lineage: - Rev. Peter Milligan, Minister of Colvend, ordained 1513, married Elizabeth daughter of Samuel Leg of Dalbeattie, in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, Galloway, and died 1564, aged 70, having issue:

1. Herbert Milligan, of whom presently.
2. Charles Milligan had lands in Annandale, was taken prisoner by the English and beheaded at Carlisle in 1609, aged about 60 years. He left issue:

A. Charles Milligan, married and had issue.

B.  John Milligan, Lieut. Royal.Navy. from whom descended John Milligan of New York, USA.

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Much of this information comes from The Regarde Bien newsletter.

Special thanks goes to News Letter produced by Alan Milliken of Saltcoats, Scotland.
Edited by Donald Milligan of Seattle, Washington, USA


Taking a look at the dates:


Rev. Peter Colvend

Ordained 1513

Suggested birth c 1490


Charles Milligan

died 1609 age 60

Suggested birth 1549.

(That puts his birth date when his father was about 60).


Lt. John Milligan, RN

Estimated birth 1570-80


Missing Milligan?


Missing Milligan?


Missing Milligan?


Dr. John Milligan of NY

Seen as a freeman in

1748, probably about 30, puts his birth about 1718.


Jacob Milligan, born 1747 in New York.


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