The Wives of Capt. Jacob Milligan

Milligan Descendants and Ancestors of Charleston SC and New York and Related Families

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 Captain Jacob Milligan - American Patriot - 1747 - 1796


Jacob Milligan was born about 1747.  He married (1)Margaret Bennett, daughter of
John Bennett and Margaret Swinton, in March 1774 at the Isaac Hayne residence in Charleston (SCH /Vol ll, page 103). Margaret was born November 8, 1759 in St Helena's Parish, Beaufort, SC, and died November 23, 1786 (Charleston Morning Post and Daily
Advertiser; detailed in handwritten notes included in the Milligan/Frazer vertical file at the South Carolina Historical Society). During the last year of her life, she became the unfortunate victim of a poisoning attack.  While it did not take her life, it may have led to her early demise later in the year. (see article at right, above).

  The brother of Gen. Francis Marion (aka The Swamp Fox) , Benjamin Marion, married Esther Simons, who was the first cousin (once removed) of Margaret Bennett Milligan - Jacob Milligan's wife.

Jacob Milligan and Margaret Bennett had 3 children:

1) Anne Caroline Milligan, who married Isaac Johnston May 27, 1793.  More
2) Mary Milligan, who married Isaac Parker about 1800  
3) William Milligan who married Catherine McKenzie about 1806.

Margaret Bennett Milligan died 1786, probably from the poisoning attack.

2nd Marriage

After Jacob's wife Margaret died, he went to London and in 1787 married Mary, daughter of Peter Milligan of The Isle of Wight. Peter is originally from the Colvend, Kirkbean area. Jacob apparently spent some time in London as Mary died there in 1793.

Jacob's second marriage was to Mary Brinewood Milligan in 1787, at St Margaret Patten, London, England (Pallot's Marriage Index; England, 1780-1837 -, on-line). She was possibly a cousin to Jacob.  

          12-24-1787 Marriage notice (2nd marraige)

The original record reads:
"Brinewood Mary W + Both ST(?) M
Jacob Milligan W
41 Lic   1787"



We do have record of a letter sent by Jacob Milligan to President George Washington which reads:

Charleston (S.C.) 27 Oct. 1789. "Mrs. Milligan has taken the liberty to Send to Your Ladie a Preasent of A Baskett of the Fillagree Work of her Own Make which She begs Mrs Washington's acceptence of."

Mary Brinewood Milligan died December 17, 1793 in England (Charleston Gazett - Friday
December 20, 1793, "Tuesday last, died in England, Mrs. Mary Milligan, wife of Mr. Jacob
Milligan of his place". - Vol 22, p. 24 - from vertical file/Fraser/Milligan provided by
the Charleston Historical Society).

3rd Marriage

Jacob's third marriage was to Sarah Shaw June 11, 1795, in Charleston, South Carolina
(South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Vol 5, #3 - 1675-1858). They opened a baking business in Charleston.

Jacob died before 1797; Sarah remarried January 28, 1797, at St. Phillips, Charleston, SC, one George Manson.

Description: C:\Users\Scott\Documents\Milligan files Jan 2011\Old web Milligan files\1797-01-30.gif

1-30-1797 News clipping


Allied Families

Bennett Family

Benjamin Simons

Swinton Family

Dupree Family


There has been a lot of confusion concerning a Margaret Milligan whose obituary appeared in
a Charleston, South Carolina newspaper: August 5, 1820: "Friends and acquaintances of Mrs Margaret Millegan and particularly members of the Presbyterian church are requested to attend her funeral from her late residence in Mazyckborough tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM previously without further invitation". It has been assumed that this newpaper article is detailing the funeral arrangements of Margaret Bennett Milligan, first wife of Captain Jacob Milligan.
This is an erroneous assumption. The Margaret Milligan who died in 1820 was the widow of one
Joseph Milligan, who may very well have been connected to Jacob Milligan.

Joseph Milligan left a will, signed February 18, 1809, proved September 22, 1809, in which
he names his wife Margaret Milligan as Executrix.

He also leaves her the "House No 73 in King Street and Lot of Land where I now reside...."
Children named are: Rachel, Elizabeth, Mary Byers, Jane, Joseph and Margaret, and Susannah
Ellison. (Historical Commission, Wills - Vol 31, page 252; this information was found in
the "Bells and Allied Families pages 62-67" - on-line.

The Family Baking Business, Late in Life

After the death of Jacob, Mrs Sarah Milligan continued the family baking business.

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