Other Milligan's in 1700's Charleston


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Although this website is about Captain Jacob Milligan and his family, there were other Milligan's in Charleston in the 1700's, including Jacob Milligan's brother, John Phenix (or Pheonix) Milligan.  We do not know all the family connections at this time, hopefully we will uncover more in time.

Other Milligan's include James Milligan, William Milligan, John Milligan, Thomas Milliken and others. Moses Milligan is shown in DNA tests to be a member of the same family as Dr. John (and Jacob) Milligan.

Captain James Milligan, Jailkeeper  & Tavern owner died in 1796 and it was listed in the Charleston Newspaper.  He was a cousin of Joseph Milligan of Charleston and they were both of County Down, Ireland - Captain James owned a Tavern which became a birthplace of the Scottish Rite Temple.  James Milligan was also a partner in the Intelligence Office with Jacob Milligan, which leads me to believe he was kin, if not a brother, to Jacob Milligan. James Milligan died 1796.


Census Records of Charleston 1790


Another James Milligan served as Comptroller of the Treasury of the United States, we have several letters between George Washington and James Milligan.  Some examples are at the right. This James Milligan died 1818.


 Chart of 1790 SC Milligans

James Milligan's Tavern

1785 Intelligence Office Ad

James Milligan Letters to George Washington

1794 Letter


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