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The Late Gary R. R. Swinton of Victoria Australia was a family genealogist who devoted many years of his life to researching the Swinton Family. Although he passed many years ago, his family kept the genealogy files online until May of 2017.  Since many are still researching this line, I have opted to include Gary's work here on my Swinton pages. I have missed chatting with him since his passing in 2007.

Gary published a newsletter several times of year for members of the Society, and I have located a few which are reproduced here.  I may have additional ones, if you do please email me.

Newsletters 18, 23 24 25, 38, 39, 40

    Final Society Newsletter 41


Guide to the Charts - Not all are available

 SWINTON: Chart 1A, Sheets 1-3
| Swinton: Ch1A, Sh1 | Swinton: Ch.1A, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.1A, Sh.3 |
"A Genealogical Tree of the Family of Swinton of that Ilk": This tree, showing both male and female lines covers the mainline family of Swinton's in Scotland and is estimated as having been produced in the late 1800's or early 1900's. The history of the origin of this tree is unknown. The photocopy given to me in the early 1980’s is of a very poor quality and has been touched up wherever the information was positively recognisable. Original copies of this chart are in the possession of John Walter Swinton of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the 35th Head of the family and Ernest Phillip Antill Swinton of Malua Bay, NSW, Australia, a descendant of Captain Edward George Swinton.

SWINTON: Chart 1B, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.1B, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.1B, Sh.2 |
"Swinton of that Ilk": This magnificent tree shows the proven male lines of descent of the mainline Swinton family of Scotland. Also shown are the Heraldic arms of the various Swinton generations and families, including those arms established through marriage and the arms of those families with whom marriage took place. In 1921, John R. Sutherland was commissioned to produce this tree by George Sitwell Campbell Swinton of 'Kimmerghame', Duns, Scotland while he was Lord Lyon, King of Arms, Edinburgh, Scotland. The original is in full colour and is at 'Kimmerghame'. In c.1989 Major-General, Sir John Swinton, grandson of the originator, and current head of the Campbell-Swinton branch of the family had the plaque containing the genealogy and arms taken down, and he then commissioned the addition of the six earliest generations that had then been proven.

| Swinton: Chart 1 Guide |

SWINTON: Chart 1C, Sheets 1-8
| Swinton: Ch.1C, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.1C, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.1C, Sh.3 | Swinton: Ch.1C, Sh.4 |
| Swinton: Ch.1C, Sh.5 | Swinton: Ch.1C, Sh.6 | Swinton: Ch.1C, Sh.7 | Swinton: Ch.1C, Sh.8 |
"Descent of the mainline Swinton family from their earliest Eadulfing ancesters": This tree, created by Gary R.R. Swinton for the Swinton Family Society, shows the descent of the main family of Swintons'. Their origin was in Bernicia and Diera, or Northumbria, which later became Northumberland, a region that stretched from the Firth of Fourth in the north down to the River Humber in the south. The family acted in varying capacities over the region, from Chieftain or Overlord, High Reve to numerous Earls of Northumberland, wielding their power from the fortess castle of Bamberg on the coast. During later centuries many members of the family held high military rank in the service of the monarchs, in the parliaments of Scotland and the United Kingdom. The family has survived the times of borderland conflict between the English and the Scots, rising again and again from the destruction inflicted on this lowland region. During the 1700 and 1800's many members of the family were employed with the "Honourable East India Company". Honour has been attached to many of this family like Sir Ernest Dunlop Swinton for his part in the development of the military tank. A little known fact concerns Captain Samuel Swinton, husband of Félicité Jean le Febre. Baroness Orczy, when she wrote "The Scarlet Pimpernel" in 1905 loosely based the story of the hero, Sir Percy Blakeney, on the life Samuel in France during the French Revolution where, with his wife they assisted in the escape by some of the noblility who were in danger of going to the guillotine. This tree is probably the most complete record of the main Swinton family in existance. From these roots the family has spread out across the world and it is to this family that all the modern Swinton branches seek to find their roots.

SWINTON: Chart 1D, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.1D, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.1D, Sh.2 |
"Descendants of Sir Alexander Swinton, c1600-1652 and Margaret Home". Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 1C, Sheet 7–>Chart 1D.

SWINTON: Chart 1E, Sheets 1 - 4
| Swinton: Ch.1E, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.1E, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.1E, Sh.3 | Swinton: Ch.1E, Sh.4 |
"Descendants of John Swinton, c1700-1774 and Mary Semple". Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 1C, Sheet 7–>Chart 1D, Sheet 1–>Chart 1E.

SWINTON: Chart 1F.1, Sheets 1 - 3
| Swinton: Ch.1F.1, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.1F.1, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.1F.1, Sh.3 |
"Descendants of John Swinton, c1760-1820 and Mary Anne Hepburn". Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 1C, Sheet 7–>Chart 1D–>Chart 1E, Sheet 1–>Chart 1F.1.

SWINTON: Chart 1F.2, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.1F.2, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.1F.2, Sh.2 |
"Descendants of George Swinton, 1780-1854 and Anne Elizabeth Swinton". Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 1C, Sheet 7–>Chart 1D–>Chart 1E, Sheet 1–>Chart 1F.2.

SWINTON: Chart 1F.3
| Swinton: Ch.1F.3, Sh.1 |
"Descendants of William Swinton, 1784-1853 and Elizabeth Blair". Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 1C, Sheet 7–>Chart 1D–>Chart 1E, Sheet 1 (inc. Browne Ch.1) –>Chart 1F.3.

SWINTON: Chart 2A, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.2A, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.2A, Sh.2 |
"Descendants of Alexander Swinton, Lord Mersington". This chart contains a potential link to the South Carolina, USA branch of the family through SWINTON: Chart 17. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 1C, Sheet 7–>Chart 1D, Sheet 1–>Chart 2A.

SWINTON: Chart 2B, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.2B, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.2B, Sh.2 |
"The branch of Swintons' descending from Archibald Swinton, living c1700, of Kimmerghame, Duns, Berwickshire, Scotland, son of John Swinton, 26th of that Ilk, and Mary Semple". This is one of the significant branches of the Swinton family and is one of the very few that still has strong ties with its Scottish heritage. The branch has remained located in close proximity to the traditional seat of Swinton and it is generally to this branch of the family that anyone of the modern era seeking visible signs of family heritage look. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 1C, Sheet 7–>Chart 1D–>Chart 1E, Sheet 4–>Chart 2B.

| Swinton: Ch.2C |
"The history of Wing Commander Neville Swinton of Berwick-upon-Tweed, England". This chart was constructed from correspondence from Neville held by Major-General Sir John Swinton of Kimmerghame and is possibly a sub-chart of SWINTON: Chart 1C, Sheet 5 through Robert Hepburne Swinton and Eliza Hunter. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 1C, Sheet 7–>Chart 1D–>Chart 1E, Sheet 1–>Chart 1F.1, Sheet 1–>Chart 2C.

SWINTON: Chart 3, Sheets 1 - 4
| Swinton: Ch.3, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.3, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.3, Sh.3 | Swinton: Ch.3, Sh.4 |
"The Complete Ancestry of Gary Robert Reeves Swinton and Glenda Jean Ward": This chart shows the extent to which the ancestral lines have been traced, based on sources such as Burke's Landed Gentry. The research following the Greer or Greirson line was largely carried out by Julie (Rauert) Swane of Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia.

| Swinton: Ch.4 Guide |

SWINTON: Chart 4, Sheets 1 - 3
| Swinton: Ch.4, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.4, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.4, Sh.3 |
"Descendants of Thomas Swinton and Isobel Dickison of Innerleithen, Peebleshire, Scotland". This chart shows the family from who the Australian branches of SWINTON: Charts 4A and 4B descend; as well as the Scottish and Canadian branches through SWINTON: Charts 5 and 21.

SWINTON: Chart 4A, Sheets 1 - 3
| Swinton: Ch.4A, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.4A, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.4A, Sh.3 |
"Descendants of Thomas Swinton and Mary N. Brown of North Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland who migrated to Australia in 1854 and settled in the Warrnambool district": This tree follows the descendants of Thomas and his wife Elizabeth McPherson who settled in the Mortlake district, and his brother William Swinton and his wife Ann Page. William and Ann established the merchandising store "Swinton and Sons" in Timor Street, Warrnambool, a business which has been central to the family until recent times. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 4 –> 4A.

SWINTON: Chart 4A.1, Sheets 1 - 5
| Swinton: Ch.4A.1, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.4A.1, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.4A.1, Sh.3 |
| Swinton: Ch.4A.1, Sh.4 | Swinton: Ch.4A.1, Sh.5 |
"Descendants of William Swinton and his marriages to 1] Jane (Jenny) Wallace and 2] Anna Louisa Uebergang": Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 4 –> 4A –> 4A.1.

SWINTON: Chart 4A.2, Sheets 1 - 3
| Swinton: Ch.4A.2, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.4A.2, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.4A.2, Sh.3 |
"Descendants of Robert Swinton and Elizabeth Beatrice Dincan": Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 4 –> 4A –> 4A.2.

SWINTON: Chart 4A.3, Sheets 1 - 3
| Swinton: Ch.4A.3, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.4A.3, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.4A.3, Sh.3 |
"Descendants of Janet Swinton and John Calvert Kerr": Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 4 –> 4A –> 4A.3.

SWINTON: Chart 4A.4, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.4A.4, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.4A.4, Sh.2 |
"Descendants of John Swinton and Charlotte Scott Dunn": Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 4 –> 4A –> 4A.4.

SWINTON: Chart 4A.5, Sheets 1 - 4
| Swinton: Ch.4A.5, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.4A.5, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.4A.5, Sh.3 |
| Swinton: Ch.4A.5, Sh.4 |
"Descendants of George Swinton and Sarah Florence Rickey": Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 4 –> 4A –> 4A.4.

| Swinton: Ch.4B |
"The family of Robert Dryburgh Menzies Swinton and Euphemia Brown, [also see BROWN: Chart 1]. The history of this family and that of James Duncan and Ann Speid [see DUNCAN: Chart 1] were always very much entwined. In Scotland Robert had been mistakenly thought to be involved in some capacity on the Firth of Fourth Bridge construction. Both families had a long association with the West Melbourne Gas Works, later the Gas and Fuel Corporation of Victoria. He was originally bought out to Melbourne to build the first gas retort for the company and then he remained in their employment. Some of his children and descendants have also held employment there. Roberts first 'Duncan' grand-daughter, Elizabeth Beatrice Duncan was to marry into the Warrnambool Swinton family (see SWINTON: Chart 4A), reestablishing a union between the two Swinton families. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 4 –> 4B.

SWINTON: Chart 5
| Swinton: Ch.5 |
"The family of James Swinton, son of Thomas Swinton and Ann Hall. James and his wife Euphemia (or Elspeth) Leithead settled in Ontario, Canada": Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 4 –> 5.

SWINTON: Chart 6, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.6, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.6, Sh.2 |
“The descendants of Elizabeth Todd and ancestry of John Harrison and his nephew Nicholas Harrison”. Elizabeth is thought to be a possible daughter of General Samuel Swinton (1763-1825). Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 1C –> 1D –> 1E, Sheet 1 –> 6.

| Swinton: Ch.7 Guide |

SWINTON: Chart 7, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.7, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.7, Sh.2 |
"The descent of one branch of the Fifeshire Swinton family of Scotland, whose lines form a significant part of the Australia Swinton Family": Members of this family emigrated to Australia in the mid/late 1800's and have established themselves across Australia with significant lines in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Initially this family was extensively researched by the late Brian Copley of Mandurah, Western Australia. Subsiduary Charts include: SWINTON: Charts 7.1 to 7.4; 8; 8.1; 8.2; 9 and 24; BROWN: Chart 2; GORDON: Chart 2; KING: Chart 1; KIRKLAND: Chart 1; STEWART: Chart 1 and WALKER: Chart1.

SWINTON: Chart 7.1
| Swinton: Ch.7.1 |
“The descendants of George Swinton and Margaret Henderson who married in 1824 at Dysart, Fifeshire, Scotland”. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 7 –> 7.1.

SWINTON: Chart 7.2
| Swinton: Ch.7.2 |
“The descendants of David Swinton and Janet Cuthbertson, married 1828 in Dundee, Scotland.” Sequence SWINTON: Chart 7 –> 7.2.

SWINTON: Chart 7.2A, Sheets 1 - 3
| Swinton: Ch.7.2A, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.7.2A, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.7.2A, Sh.3 |
“The descendants of George Swinton's 1st marriage to Margaret Ralston in 1868 at Ballarat, Victoria, and his 2nd marriage to Margaret Jane Roach in 1881 at Greta, NSW, Australia.” Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 7 –> 7.2 –> 7.2A and BATH: Chart 1 –> 1.4 –> Swinton: Chart 7.2.

SWINTON: Chart 7.2B, Sheets 1 - 3
| Swinton: Ch.7.2B, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.7.2B, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.7.2B, Sh.3 |
“The descendants of Walter (Wattie) Swinton and Doris Mary Boyle, married 1921 at Greta, NSW, Australia.” Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 7 –> 7.2 –> 7.2A –> 7.2B.

SWINTON: Chart 7.3, Sheets 1 - 7
| Swinton: Ch.7.3, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.7.3, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.7.3, Sh.3 |
| Swinton: Ch.7.3, Sh.4 | Swinton: Ch.7.3, Sh.5 | Swinton: Ch.7.3, Sh.6 | Swinton: Ch.7.3, Sh.7 |
“The descendants of David Swinton and Margaret Jane MacKay, married 1840 in Monimail, Fifeshire, Scotland.” Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 7 –> 7.3.

SWINTON: Chart 7.4, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.7.4, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.7.4, Sh.2 |
“The descendants of John Swinton and Elizabeth Trail, married 1818 in Fifeshire, Scotland.” Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 7 –> 7.4.

SWINTON: Chart 7.4A
| Swinton: Ch.7.4A |
“The descendants of David Swinton and Sarah Brown, married 1854 in Quebec, Canada.” Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 7 –> 7.4 –> 7.4A

SWINTON: Chart 7.5
| Swinton: Ch.7.5 |
“The descendants of Alexander Swinton and Janet Hutchinson, married 1822 in Fifeshire, Scotland.” Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 7 –> 7.5.

SWINTON: Chart 8, Sheets 1 - 9
| Swinton: Ch.8, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.8, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.8, Sh.3 | Swinton: Ch.8, Sh.4 |
| Swinton: Ch.8, Sh.5 | Swinton: Ch.8, Sh.6 | Swinton: Ch.8, Sh.7 | Swinton: Ch.8, Sh.8 |
| Swinton: Ch.8, Sh.9 |
"A branch of the Scottish Fifeshire Swinton family who settled in Australia": This branch had its origins in Victoria before moving to the Gosford area on the north-central coast of New South Wales. The family went into the timber industry establishing 'Walker Bros. Timber Mill' which was a significant part of the industry in the region, along with their involvement in timber felling and haulage. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 7 –> 7.2 –> 8 and BATH: Chart 1 –>1.4 –> SWINTON: Chart 8.

SWINTON: Chart 8.1
| Swinton: Ch.8.1 |
“The descendants of Harold Charles Swinton and Gerturde Iren Bridge.” Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 7 –> 7.2 –> 8 –> 8.1 and BATH: Chart 1 –>1.4 –> SWINTON: Chart 8 –> 8.1.

SWINTON: Chart 8.2, Sheets 1 - 3
| Swinton: Ch.8.2, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.8.2, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.8.2, Sh.3 |
“The descendants of Stanley David Swinton and Ethel Kathleen Mary McGlashan.” Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 7 –> 7.2 –> 8 –> 8.2 and BATH: Chart 1 –> 1.4 –> SWINTON: Chart 8 –> 8.2.

SWINTON: Chart 9, Sheets 1 - 4
| Swinton: Ch.9, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.9, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.9, Sh.3 | Swinton: Ch.9, Sh.4 |
"A branch of the Scottish Fifeshire Swinton family who settled in Victoria, Australia". This family has its origins in the goldfields around Ballarat, Victoria, Australia in the 1850's. From there James Swinton took his wife, Agnes Young Thompson, and family to Melboune, Victoria where their descendants have remained. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 7 –> 7.2 –> 9.

SWINTON: Chart 10, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.10, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.10, Sh.2 |
"A branch of the Swinton family originating in Alnwick, Northumberland, England": The family whose earlier members were all 'Cordwainers' around Alnwick, changed occupation to a maritime one located in the ports area of London. Various lines of the family spread out and became established in New Zealand and Australia. The family was largely researched by Allan James Swinton of Loganlea, Queensland, Australia and Allan David Swinton of Auckland, New Zealand. See sub-charts SWINTON: Chart 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4.

SWINTON: Chart 10.1
| Swinton: Ch.10.1 |
"The Northumberland descendants of George Swinton and Elizabeth Sandilands". This line was researched by T. Hutchinson of Middlesex, England. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 10 –> 10.1.

SWINTON: Chart 10.2, Sheets 1 - 3
| Swinton: Ch.10.2, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.10.2, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.10.2, Sh.3 |
"The descendants of James Swinton & Jemima Horne who settled in New Zealand". Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 10 –> 10.2.

SWINTON: Chart 10.3
| Swinton: Ch.10.3 |
"The New Zealand Maori descendants of William Swinton and Herewaka Te-Rangipaea Heremia". Herewaka was a Maori of high status from the east coast. In 1999 this chart was expanded by their grandson, Matekoraha Oneroa Eruera of Opotiki, New Zealand. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 10 –> 10.3.

SWINTON: Chart 10.4, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.10.4, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.10.4, Sh.2 |
"The descendants of Allan Chisholm Swinton and Mary Ann Reynolds". Mostly this branch remained in England with a few members settling in Australia. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 10 –> 10.4.

SWINTON: Chart 11,Sheets 1 - 5
| Swinton: Ch.11, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.11, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.11, Sh.3 | Swinton: Ch.11, Sh.4 |
| Swinton: Ch.11, Sh.5 |
"The descendants of James Swinton and Janet Stewart and their son Thomas Swinton who was transported as a convict to the penal settlement of Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania, Australia)":

SWINTON: Chart 12
| Swinton: Ch.12 |
"The descendants of Mark Swinton of Inverkeithing, Scotland, 1515-1650": The information shown is reproduced from "The Swinton Story", published by Andrew Laird Swinton, Dundee, Scotland, 1977-78.

SWINTON: Chart 13, Sheets 1 & 2
| Swinton: Ch.13, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.13, Sh.2 |
"The descendants of John and Janet Swinton (m: 1687) of North Queensferry, Fifeshire, Scotland". It covers the family of Andrew Laird Swinton, author of "The Swinton Story", published in a limited edition, Dundee, Scotland, 1977-78. A copy of this book was given to me (c1990) by his daughters Elspeth Gillian (Swinton) Dougall and Fay Margaret Swinton.

SWINTON: Chart 14
| Swinton: Ch.14 |
"The descendants of Henry Swinton (d: c1772) and his wife Margaret Weeland, of North Queensferry, Fifeshire, Scotland": The information shown is reproduced from details in "The Swinton Story", published by Andrew Laird Swinton, Dundee, Scotland, 1977-78.

| Swinton Ch.15 Guide |

SWINTON: Chart 15
| Swinton: Ch.15 |
"The descendants of Alexander Swinton and Jean (or Jane) Greive, who emigrated from Todrig, in the Berwickshire area of the Scottish border, to Ontario, Canada in 1832-3": The family settled in the Douro area of Ontario, then later in Arran and Port Elgin before crossing the Great Lakes into Michigan, and then spread out across the United States. The charts in this group were produced from the research and writing, of Barbara G. Mordy of Santa Clara, California, USA. See sub-charts SWINTON Charts 15.1, 15.2, 15.3, 25, MARTINDALE: Chart 1, POLLOCK: Chart 1 and SHANTZ: Chart 1.

SWINTON: Chart 15.1, Sheets 1 - 3
| Swinton: Ch.15.1, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.15.1, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.15.1, Sh.3 |
"The descendants of Alexander Swinton Jnr and Jane Currie". Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 15 –> 15.1.

SWINTON: Chart 15.2, Sheets 1 - 5
| Swinton: Ch.15.2, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.15.2, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.15.2, Sh.3 |
| Swinton: Ch.15.2, Sh.4 | Swinton: Ch.15.2, Sh.5 |
"The descendants of George Donald Swinton and Martha J. Stanley". Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 15 –> 15.2.

SWINTON: Chart 15.3
| Swinton: Ch.15.3 |
"The descendants of David Swinton and Agnes Harriot (Herriot)". Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 15 –> 15.3.

SWINTON: Chart 16
| Swinton: Ch.16 |
"The descendants of Helen Swinton of that Ilk, and John Hepburn of Smeaton". This chart has been based on the research and records of Vivienne S. (Moore) Dunstan of Fife, Scotland. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 1C, Sheet 4 –> 16.

| Swinton: Chart 17 Guide |

SWINTON: Chart 17, Sheets 1 & 2
| Swinton: Ch.17, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.17, Sh.2 |
"The descendants of Alexander (Swyne) Swinton and his two wives, Jean Dougall and Margaret Moncrieff": This tree covers the branch of the family that became strongly established in South Carolina. In 1724 William Swinton went to South Carolina, in America where he soon came into possession of extensive land holdings. He completed surveys of the area in, and around Georgetown. In 1742 both William and his wife Hannah, died of "Country Fever" leaving a young family. See sub-charts SWINTON: Charts 17A, 17B and 17.1 to 17.5.

SWINTON: Chart 17A, Sheets 1 & 2
| Swinton: Ch.17A, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.17A, Sh.2 |
“The descendants of William Swinton and Hannah (White) Brown, including the descendants of Hannah’s brother Col. John White and Anthony White. Also included are the descendants of Hannah’s first marriage to Captain James Brown.” Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 17 –> 17A. Also see descendant charts HAYNE/SPLATT: Chart 1, POTTS: Chart 1 and SWINTON: Charts 17.1 and 17.2.

SWINTON: Chart 17B, Sheets 1 - 3
| Swinton: Ch.17B, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.17B, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.17B, Sh.3 |
“The descendants of Hugh Swinton (brother of William Swinton) and Judith Simmons.” Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 17 –> 17B. Also see descendant family in BENNETT: Chart 1.

SWINTON: Chart 17.1, Sheets 1 - 3
| Swinton: Ch.17.1, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.17.1, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.17.1, Sh.3 |
“The descendants of Alexander Swinton (elder son of William and Hannah Swinton) and Elizabeth Potts.” Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 17 –> 17A –> 17.1. Also see ancestral and descendant charts MILLER: Chart 1, and POTTS: Chart 1.

SWINTON: Chart 17.2, Sheets 1 - 3
| Swinton: Ch.17.2, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.17.2, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.17.2, Sh.3 |
“The descendants of Hugh Swinton (younger son of William and Hannah Swinton) and Susanna Hayne Splatt. From the marriage of their son Hugh Swinton to Anne Jane Bruce Scott, there is possibly a connection to the mainline family through SWINTON: Chart 2A. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 17 –> 17A –> 17.2; also HAYNE/SPLATT: Chart 1 –> 17.2. Other sub-charts include BALL/BRYAN: Chart 1, HAYNE/SPLATT: Chart 1, LEGARÉ: Chart 1, and SWINTON: Charts 17.3, 17.4 and 17.5.

SWINTON: Chart 17.3, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.17.3, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.17.3, Sh.2 |
“The descendants Hugh Swinton and Anne Jane Bruce Scott”. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 17 –> 17A –> 17.2 –> 17.3; also HAYNE/SPLATT: Chart 1 –> 17.2; and SWINTON: Chart 1C –> 2A –> 17.3. Also see sub-charts BONNEAU: Chart 1, BOYD: Chart 1, BRUNSON: Chart 1, DOVE: Chart 1, GIBSON/BURGESS: Chart 1, LAW: Chart 1.

SWINTON: Chart 17.4, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.17.4, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.17.4, Sh.2 |
“The descendants of Henry Edward Swinton and Sarah Jane Clement”. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 17 –> 17A –> 17.2 –> 17.4; also HAYNE/SPLATT: Chart 1 –> 17.2 –> 17.4.

SWINTON: Chart 17.5, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.17.5, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.17.5, Sh.2 |
“The descendants of Hugh Ralph Swinton and Margaret Martha Vincent”. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 17 –> 17A –> 17.2 –> 17.5; also HAYNE/SPLATT: Chart 1 –> 17.2 –> 17.5.

| Swinton Ch.18 Guide |

SWINTON: Chart 18, Sheets 1 - 4
| Swinton: Ch.18, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.18, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.18, Sh.3 | Swinton: Ch.18, Sh.4 |
"The branch of the Swinton family that was established in Cheshire, England in the early 1700's" The chart has been constructed from information supplied by Mrs Anne Cole of Lincolnshire, England, and Dr Shirley John of Runcorn, Cheshire, England. See sub-charts SWINTON: Chart 18.1, BILLINGTON: Chart 1, BOULT: Chart 1, RIGBY: Chart 1 and WHARTON: Charts 1 and 2.

SWINTON: Chart 18.1, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.18.1, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.18.1, Sh.2 |
“Detail of some of the descendants of John Swinton and Jane Rigby, married 1820”. Some members of this family emigrated to Canada in the 1800's. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 18 –> 18.1.

SWINTON: Chart 19A
| Swinton: Ch.19A |
“Descendants and kin of George and Elizabeth Swinton of Beston, Cheshire, England”. There are potential links with SWINTON: Chart 18.

SWINTON: Chart 19B
| Swinton: Ch.19B |
“Descendants and kin of Mr …?… Swinton who was buried in 1690 and his wife Elizabeth, of Middlewich Cheshire, England”. There are potential links with SWINTON: Chart 18.

SWINTON: Chart 19C
| Swinton: Ch.19C |
“Descendants Thomas Swinton who died before 1677/8 and his wife Margaret, of Lower Knutsford Cheshire, England”. There are potential links with SWINTON: Chart 18.

SWINTON: Chart 20, Sheets 1a, 1b & 2
| Swinton: Ch.20, Sh.1a | Swinton: Ch.20, Sh.1b | Swinton: Ch.20, Sh.2 |
"A branch of the mainline Swinton family descendants of Capt. Edward George Swinton and Charlotte Sophia MacKenzie who settled in the New England region of New South Wales, Australia. Edward was in military service in India, possibly in the service of the East India Company. Around 1870 he arrived in Australia and took up the selection (parcel of land) called Copes Creek, near Tinga, in the New England region of New South Wales. It appears that he was influential in the area, as the region became the Parish of Swinton. The chart has been constructed from research on the origin of the naming of the Parish carried out by Mrs R.M. Wallis of Inverell, NSW. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 1C, Sheet 6 –> Chart 20. Also see subsequent charts MacKENZIE: Chart 1 and WRIGHT: Chart 1.

SWINTON: Chart 21, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.21, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.21, Sh.2 |
"The family and ancestry of John Donald Swinton and Darci Player of Vancouver, Canada". This family descended from Thomas Swinton, living c1750 in the Peebleshire area of Scotland, who had married Isabell Tait. It is thought that this was his second marriage, having probably been married firstly to Isabel Dickison (see SWINTON: Chart 4). The chart is constructed from the research of John D. Swinton of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 4 –> 21. Also see sub-chart SWINTON: Chart 21.1.

SWINTON: Chart 21.1, Sheets 1 - 6
| Swinton: Ch.21.1, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.21.1, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.21.1, Sh.3 |
| Swinton: Ch.21.1, Sh.4 | Swinton: Ch.21.1, Sh.5 | Swinton: Ch.21.1, Sh.6 |
"The descendants of Thomas Swinton and Hay Middlemass of Berwickshire, Scotland". The descendants of this family still live in southern Scotland around Roxburgh and Peebleshire. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 21 –> 21.1.

SWINTON: Chart 22
| Swinton: Ch.22 |
"The ancestry of Richard W. Price of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA". This family originates from the Nottingham area of England.

SWINTON: Chart 23, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.23, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.23, Sh.2 |
"The descendants of Henry Swinton and Jean Steele" of Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland. The chart is based on the records of Miss Jean T. Coutts of Forrestville, NSW, Australia.

SWINTON: Chart 24
| Swinton: Ch.24 |
"The family of Robert Swinton and Ann Henderson of North Yorkshire, England". This chart is based on the research of Allan James Swinton and Sylvia Douglas.

SWINTON: Chart 25, Sheets 1 - 4
| Swinton: Ch.25, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.25, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.25, Sh.3 | Swinton: Ch.25, Sh.4 |
"The family of James Swinton and Jessie Ingles of Smith Township, Ontario". This family originated in the Parish of Swinton and Simprin, Berwickshire, Scotland, before emigrating to Ontario, Canada c1831. Possibly a descendant chart from SWINTON: Chart 15.

SWINTON: Chart 26
| Swinton: Ch.26 |
"The family of William Auld Swinton". This family originated in the Nottingham region of England with some members settling in Canada.

SWINTON: Chart 27, Sheets 1a, 1b, 2 & 3
| Swinton Ch.27, Sh.1a | Swinton: Ch.27, Sh.1b | Swinton: Ch.27, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.27, Sh.3 |
"Descendants of John Swinton and Theodosia Mathison of East Lothian, Scotland".

SWINTON: Chart 28
| Swinton: Ch.28 |
"Descendants of Alexander Mather Swinton and Ruberta Walters Kerr of Arbroath, Scotland". The family originates in Arbroath, Angushire, Scotland in the late 1800’s.

SWINTON: Chart 29
| Swinton: Ch.29, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.29, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.29, Sh.3 | Swinton Chart 29 Corrections
"Descendants of George Melville Swinton and Elizabeth Brodie of Berwickshire, Scotland". The family originates in the borders region af Scotland and England in the early 1800’s. Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 1C, Sheet 6 –> Chart 29.

SWINTON: Chart 30, Sheets 1 - 5
| Swinton: Ch.30, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.30, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.30, Sh.3 |
| Swinton: Ch.30, Sh.4 | Swinton: Ch.30, Sh.5 |
"Descendants of David Swinton of either England of Scotland and Polly Lewis of New York, USA".

SWINTON: Chart 31
| Swinton: Ch.31 |
"Descendants of Charles M. Swinton and Jane A. …?… of Denby, USA".

SWINTON: Chart 32, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.32, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.32, Sh.2 |
"Descendants of James Swinton and Helen Hastie of Midlothian, Scotland". From the research of their descendant, George Frederick Weston of California, USA.

SWINTON: Chart 33, Sheets 1 - 3
| Swinton: Ch.33, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.33, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.33, Sh.3 |
"Descendants of David Swinton born c1820 in Scotland through his son David Greive Swinton Snr., born c1855 and Helen Rumgay”. This family appears to have originated in the area of Fifeshire, Scotland. While most of this family remains in Scotland the descendants of David Greive Swinton Jnr. live in Ontario, Canada.

SWINTON: Chart 34, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.34, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.34, Sh.2 |
"Descendants of Thomas Swinton and Elspeth Souter of St Andrews and St Leonards, Fifeshire, Scotland”.

SWINTON: Chart 35
| Swinton: Ch.35 |
"The basic ancestry of Stevonia Cunningham, USA”.

SWINTON: Chart 36, Sheets 1 - 3
| Swinton: Ch.36, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.36, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.36, Sh.3 |
"The descendants of James Swinton and Mary Sutherland, born Scotland and married Australia 1883”.

SWINTON: Chart 37
| Swinton: Ch.37 |
"The George Douglas Swinton and Margaret Black Paterson, married 1903, Edinburgh, Scotland”.

SWINTON: Chart 38
| Swinton: Ch.38 |
"The Walter Lee Swinton and Eva Dell Ritter of Kansas, USA”.

SWINTON: Chart 39, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.39, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.39, Sh.2 |
"The descendants of Samuel Swinton and Melissa Ferguson of (Williamsburg?), South Carolina, USA”. This branch possibly descended from William Swinton, or his brother Hugh, of the South Carolina family of Swintons (see SWINTON: Chart 17).

SWINTON: Chart 39.1, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.39.1, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.39.1, Sh.2 |
"The descendants of Frederick Douglas Swinton and Faustina Hawkins of Little Rock, Arkansas, USA”. Sequence: (SWINTON: Chart 17?) –> SWINTON: Chart 39 –> 39.1.

SWINTON: Chart 40
| Swinton: Ch.40 |
"The descendants of John T. Swinton (b: c1890) of Toronto, Ontario, Canada."

SWINTON: Chart 41, Sheets 1 - 3
| Swinton: Ch.41, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.41, Sh.2 | Swinton: Ch.41, Sh.3 |
"The descendants of John Suinton (b: c1760) and Mary Laird of Renfrewshire, Scotland."

SWINTON: Chart 42, Sheets 1 - 2
| Swinton: Ch.42, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.42, Sh.2 |
"The descendants of Alexander Swinton (b:c1800) and Catherine Drummond of Gorbals, Lanarkshire, Scotland who emigrated to Port Jervis, New York, USA."

SWINTON: Chart 43
| Swinton: Ch.43 |
"The ancestry of Raymond Swinton Lee."

SWINTON: Chart 44
| Swinton: Ch.44 |
"The descendants of James Swinton, b:c1800 and possibly Susan Ross."

SWINTON: Chart 45
| Swinton: Ch.45 |
"The descendants of George Swinton, m: 1840 Ann Young of Berwickshire, Scotland."

SWINTON: Chart 46
| Swinton: Ch.46 |
"The ancestry and descendants of Rose Irene (Maltus) Swinton of Northumberland, England and of Victoria, Australia."

SWINTON: Chart 47
|| Swinton: Ch.47, Sh.1 | Swinton: Ch.47, Sh.2 |
"The descendants of Robert Swinton, (1789-1871) and Ann Austin, (1791-1866) of Lincolnshire, England."

SWINTON: Chart 48
| Swinton: Ch.48 |
"The family of James Swinton, (1929-1997) and Louella Teresa Morris of South Carolina, USA."

SWINTON: Chart 49
| Swinton: Ch.49 |
"The family of Alice (Swinton) Fluitt, (1900-1998) of Salters, South Carolina, USA."

SWINTON: Chart 50
| Swinton: Ch.50 |
"The family of Buck Swinton (1892-1977) and Gardenia Peoples of Virgina, USA."

SWINTON: Chart 51
| Swinton: Ch.51 |
"The family of Archibald Swinton (Swine), m: 1785 to Elizabeth Young of Berwickshire, Scotland."


BENNETT: Chart 1, Sheets 1 - 3
| Bennett: Ch.1, Sh.1 | Bennett: Ch.1, Sh.2 | Bennett: Ch.1, Sh.3 |
"The descendants of John Bennett Jnr and Margaret Swinton (1729-1807)": Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 17 –> 17B –> BENNETT: Chart 1.

MILLIGAN: Chart 1, Sheets 1 - 4
| Milligan: Ch.1, Sh.1 | Milligan: Ch.1, Sh.2 | Milligan: Ch.1, Sh.3 | Milligan: Ch.1, Sh.4 |
"The descendants of Margaret Bennett (1759-c1820) and Jacob Milligan (1730-c1797)". Sequence: SWINTON: Chart 17 –> 17B –> BENNETT: Chart 1 –> MILLIGAN Chart 1.

The Charts Below have not yet been added to the website.  If you need one please email me.

SWINTON: Miscellaneous Charts
These small charts are made up where there are at least 3 generations in the family group.
CHART A : The family of John Swinton, Pensylvannia State University, USA and Cordelia Westervelt.
CHART B : The family of Helen Todd Swinton and David Webster of Perthshire, Scotland.
CHART C : The family of William Swinton and Mary Anne Stevens, of Ashington, England.
CHART D : The family of Madeline M. (Graves) Swinton of New York, USA, 1919-2002.
CHART E : The family of Edward Swinton of Alnwick, Northumberland, England.
CHART F : The family of Elizabeth Swinton and John Rowland of Berwick-upon-Tweed and
Kyloe, Northumberland, England.
CHART G : The family of Alfred T. Swinton born in England, who ran away to sea aged 14
years and later settled at Cunnamulla, Queensland, Australia.
CHART H : The family of E. Gilmer Swinton of Alabama, USA.
CHART I : The family of June M. (Swinton) Noble of Edinburgh, Scotland.
CHART J : Vacant.
CHART K : The family of Jacob Swinton and Elizabeth Bellamy of Lincolnshire, England.
CHART L : The family of Otto Swinton of London, Ontario, Canada.
CHART M : The family of Anthony Swinton-Lee of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
CHART N : The family of Andrew & Elizabeth (McEachern) Swinton Loanhead, Islay, Scotland.
CHART O : The family of Thomas Swinton and Alice Maud Bales of NSW, Australia.
CHART P : The family of Samuel Swinton and Flossie Mae Beaufort of South Carolina, USA.

WORKING CHART 1, Sheets 1 - 3: East Lothian, Scotland
| WCh.1, Sh.1 | WCh.1, Sh.2 | WCh.1, Sh.3 |
WORKING CHART 2, Sheets 1 - 2: Berwick County, Scotland
| WCh.2, Sh.1 | WCh.2, Sh.2 |
WORKING CHART 3 Sheets 1 - 2: Peebleshire, Selkirkshire and Roxburgh-shire, Scotland
| WCh.3, Sh.1 | WCh.3, Sh.2 |
WORKING CHART 4: West Lothian and Renfrewshire, Scotland
| WCh.4 |
WORKING CHART 5, Sheets 1 - 3: Ayr, Clackmannan, Kinross, Kircudbright, Lanark and Stirlingshire, Scotland
| WCh.5, Sh.1 | WCh.5, Sh.2 | WCh.5, Sh.3 |
WORKING CHART 6, Sheets 1 - 10: Fifeshire, Scotland
| WCh.6, Sh.1 | WCh.6, Sh.2 | WCh.6, Sh.3 | WCh.6, Sh.4 | WCh.6, Sh.5 |
| WCh.6, Sh.6 | WCh.6, Sh.7 | WCh.6, Sh.8 | WCh.6, Sh.9 | WCh.6, Sh.10 |
WORKING CHART 7, Sheets 1 - 3: Aberdeen, Angus, Kincardine, Moray and Orkney shires, Scotland
| WCh.7, Sh.1 | WCh.7, Sh.2 | WCh.7, Sh.3 |
WORKING CHART 8A, Sheets 1 - 4: Midlothian, Scotland
| WCh.8A, Sh.1 | WCh.8A, Sh.2 | WCh.8A, Sh.3 | WCh.8A, Sh.4 |
WORKING CHART 8B, Sheets 1 - 2: Midlothian - Inveresk and Musselburgh, Scotland
| WCh.8B, Sh.1 | WCh.8B, Sh.2 |
WORKING CHART 9, Sheets 1 – 4b: Cheshire, England
| WCh.9, Sh.1 | WCh.9, Sh.2a | WCh.9, Sh.2b | WCh.9, Sh.2c | WCh.9, Sh.2d |
| WCh.9, Sh.3a | WCh.9, Sh.3b | WCh.9, Sh.3c | WCh.9, Sh.4a | WCh.9, Sh.4b |
WORKING CHART 10: Nottinghamshire, England
| WCh.10 |
WORKING CHART 11: Lincolnshire, England
| WCh.11 |
WORKING CHART 12: Northumberland, England
| WCh.12 |
WORKING CHART 13, Sheets 1 & 2: Yorkshire, England
| WCh.13, Sh.1 | WCh.13, Sh.2 |
WORKING CHART 21: Ontario, Canada
| WCh.21 |
WORKING CHART 22: Quebec, Canada
| WCh.22 |



By Gary R.R. Swinton

The origin of the Swinton Family Society could have started very differently from what it is today however fate seems to have played its hand. With a little more success it could have been operated by Allan James Swinton of ‘Karu’, Armidale, NSW, Australia who in the 1970-80’s made a valiant effort to start off a society but who could not generate sufficient family enthusiasm for it to get going. The existence of the society does owe a debt of gratitude for Allan’s early efforts and for the advice and assistance that he gave me. Before Allan, my own father would have to be the one who initiated my original interest, along with my nature and circumstances of the environment that I was raised in.

As a youth I was always fascinated with the hand-copied collection of articles and stories that my father Robert Duncan Swinton, had collected about our family and the Swinton's of old.  These old notes charged my mind with pictures of knights in shining armour charging into battle to protect their lands and lofty castles located just over the border from England in that far away, almost mythical place called Scotland.  With these articles dad also had a miscellaneous collection of information on his own family ancestry.  Occasionally he would bring out the musty boxes in which these papers were stored and would spread the yellowing pages around the table, becoming engrossed in adding bits of information here and there.  Great excitement would be shown on the acquisition of a new photographic reprint of some distant relative, or some new scrap of information.  At a later date I realised that his sister, Ruth Tuck, had created our first family tree.

At this period in my life we lived in a little country town called Manilla, in central New South Wales, Australia.  Here we were half a continent away from any the relatives of either my father or mother. They mostly lived 1000 kilometres away, in or around Warrnambool, Victoria.  Today, to be reunited with these relatives you need only to sit in the armchair luxury of an aeroplane for two hours, then, in the 1950’s, it was an epic three-day journey by train or car.  As children, my sisters and I grew up with little knowledge or familiarity with any of our immediate relatives.  On the rare occasions when we did all manage to travel south I remember being confronted by numerous refined Victorian ladies and gentlemen who would be introduced as being an aunt or uncle, or the cousin of somebody.  To me, these relatives on my fathers side were all strangers to whom I knew, that in some way I was related and not being used to ‘real live’ relatives I was generally over-awed.  On my mothers side I was a little more familiar with my immediate relatives.  It was easier for her to travel than for my father who was tied up with the running the shop. Also during the long period of her mother’s illness and decline, these journeys were necessary.

I remember frosty winter nights in front of a crackling fire when my father would patiently try to explain who my relatives were.  Try as he would, these names with joining lines, spreading across the pages remained a mystery, these being my ‘paper relatives’.  I grew up being more familiar with the ‘paper relatives’ that my father had patiently tried to explain, rather than with the ‘real-life’ counterparts of these names. 

As an adult, through employment I came to settle in Melbourne, where before long I met and married Glenda J. Ward who came from a large family.  Against this large clan of in-laws, and now being in the position of having even less of my own family around me than I had in Manilla, it was probably not surprising that I started to develop an interest in the ‘paper relatives’ of my youth. 

During the ensuing years I started to get to know some of my Swinton relatives who were no longer so far away.  In the 1980’s I began to work with my father, adding to the information he possessed.  Being more accessible to sources of records I started to search for the parents of my great-grandparents.  Over the next few years I went through countless Mormon films finding absolutely nothing, but acquiring endless other records that I noted down just incase they were useful. As the collection of notes started to grow they began to fall into groups and families, however none of them were for my ancestry. The collection of history that I had on various branches of the family grew rapidly over these years. 

It occurred to me that with in searching through hundreds of records looking for one relevant piece of information and with the number of hours I had spent doing so, that a lot of other family historians must be doing the same thing. At this time I came up with the notion of attempting to set up a network of those people who were also researching the ‘Swinton’ name. The idea being that these people would record all ‘Swinton’ records from any source they were working through and send the list to me. I would sort through them and if there was anything relevant to another member of the network I would relay that record(s) on to them. I began mailing out requests to lists of Swinton’s taken from phone directories seeking their help but to little useful end. I had by this time come across Allan James Swinton, then of Loganlea in Queensland, Australia. He was a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies (GOONS) and   held the registration with them for the Swinton name. Allan had previously tried unsuccessfully to set up a society and so we were able to discuss various thoughts on how to go about it. From these discussions we came up with the name for our ‘Swinton Family Society’.  The idea was to work on a society where members would pay a minimal fee but would have a sense of belonging and that a newsletter would be produced to keep everyone informed of what developments were being made.

Our families were recruited as the initial members of the society and a newsletter was created. My notion was to act as a hub and have people send me a full copy of their family history so that I could record it and at the same time see if I had any other details for their ‘tree’.  In doing so I would then also be establishing an improved database of family groups. Allan sent me some old correspondence he had received through the GOONS registration from people seeking information on their own families. In August 1993 I began by recontacting these people and continued with the system of random mail-outs, sending them a newsletter and a brochure on the aims of the society. A letter was included asking them send their family details and any other ‘Swinton’ records that they may have possess.

Slowly I started to get occasional enquiries from people around Australia and overseas. In searching through my notes and records to see if I had an answer for them I soon realised how difficult it had become to sift through the growing volume information that I now possessed. If it was going to work adequately I knew that I would have to create a computerised database, which is now referred to as “The Swinton Family Inventory”. It has already proven its worth in the greater ease in doing a search.  During it’s creation I found that many miscellaneous pieces of information on different individuals, slotted into place within known families and trees. Alone these snippets had meant very little.

Along with recording information that people sent in I would produce a family tree for that branch for the Society records and would sent a copy back to these people.

Apart from the Swinton’s this inventory also includes details of the ancestry for :

(i)  my mother, Vere Ruth (nee Reeves) Swinton:  family names of REEVES, McLEAN,  JEFFARES, GRIER (GRIEVE, GRIERSON), ARNOLD and CURNOW going back to their early links with the Scottish and English monarchy;

(ii)  my wife, Glenda Jean (nee Ward) Swinton:  family names of WARD, BATH, JONES, VEAL (VALE, VAIL, VEALE).

(iii)  the Gordon’s: from the early ancestral branch of the Swinton Mainline family to the present day:  includes family names of GORDON, BLIGH, BRUCE, COBHAM, COWPER, HARVIE, McCRAE, MANT, MURISON, and others.

The recording of information is an ongoing mammoth task. Each year the records of up to about 3000 individuals are either updated or completely new entries.  There is a wealth of information coming in all the time and unfortunately this ultimately means that there is also a huge backlog of material just waiting for me to work through. Sooner or later all material that I have will be research though unfortunately some people have already been waiting for me to look at their material for a long time.

The age of e-mail and the Internet is a blessing in the improved ability to contact people rapidly though it also means that greater volumes work can arrive in microseconds.

I would hope that with the launch of this web site that it will not be an end here, but rather be a new beginning.  The files for “The Inventory” will be downloaded immediately and progressively all the charts will also be included. As this takes place I would hope that more queries will be able to be answered directly by those seeking details and that I will be able to devote more time to recording greater amounts of new information.


Allied Families of SC

Bennett Family

Benjamin Simons

Owens Family 1 , 2 , 3

Swinton Family

Dupree Family

Middleburg Plantation

Pompion Hill Chapel


Open this link to   Gary's Original file.  There are other family names on here which I  did not copy, but if you need them I can advise you where to look (Internet Archive).

Swinton Society:

The Society is no longer in operation, however I am listing these members in hopes that those who are researching may seek to find their own name online and come upon our website.

Swinton Society Members



     1    Major-General Sir John and Lady Judith Swinton (Patron) - Berwickshire, Scotland

      2    John Walter Swinton (35th Swinton of that Ilk) [deceased] - Alberta, Canada


     2a  Marlene Louise (Wakelen) Swinton (wife of late John W. Swinton) - Alberta, Canada


     3    Allan James and Joan Swinton, Queensland, Australia


     4    Robert Duncan and Vere Ruth (Reeves) Swinton, [deceased] - Queensland, Australia


     5    Marie Dove (Law) Patten [deceased] - North Carolina, USA


     6    Glenda Jean (Ward) Swinton - Victoria, Australia


     7    Brian [deceased] and Marjorie (Kirkland) Copley - Western Australia


     8    Iris Jean (Bath) Ward - Victoria, Australia


     9    Norma Jean Ward - Victoria, Australia


    10   Gary Robert Reeves Swinton (Society Founder) - Victoria, Australia


    11   John Donald and Darci (Player) Swinton - British Columbia, Canada


    12   Rolfe William Swinton (36th Swinton of that Ilk) - Alberta, Canada






     1    Nicholas Jon Swinton - Victoria, Australia


     2    Robert Tavis Swinton - Victoria, Australia


     3    Kirsten Elise Swinton and Paul Edbrooke - Victoria, Australia


     4    George Michael and Jennifer Nell (Swinton) Hawley - Queensland, Australia


     5    Robina Dianne (Swinton) Sidney - Queensland, Australia


     6    Keith and Dianne (Ward) Hainsworth - Victoria, Australia


     7    George David and Carolynn (Harper) Hawley - Queensland, Australia


     8    Robert John and Daniela (Reinicke) Hawley - Queensland, Australia


     9    Leonard and Sonia Michele (Hawley) Winwood - Queensland, Australia


    10    I.Laurence Swinton and Leanne (Pulver) Sidney - Wiltshire, England


    11    Shirley D. (Swinton) Richards - NSW, Australia


    12    Donald J. Swinton - Isle of Wright, England


    13    Ian and Janice P. (Adams) Swinton - Victoria, Australia


    14    Kay L. Hollis - Victoria, Australia


    15    Kay V. Sturgeon - Queensland, Australia


    16    Richard S. Swinton and Kerri (Stewart) Sidney - Queensland, Australia


    17    Andrew R. and Elizabeth I. Swinton (Sidney) Galbraith - Queensland, Australia


    18    Mrs R.M. (Bobbie) Wallis - NSW, Australia


    19    Mary E. (Powers) Anderson - California, USA


    20    Moira Jean (Gordon) Colley - East Lothian, Scotland


    21    Elsie S. (Arnold) Curnow - South Island, New Zealand


    22    Elspeth (Swinton) Dougall - Midlothian, Scotland


    23    Tina A. Hollis - Victoria, Australia


    24    Vicky L. Hollis - Victoria, Australia


    25    State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


    26    Estelle (Steere) Lambert - Victoria, Australia


    27    John D. Swinton [Transferred to Life Member]


    28    Alexander John Duncan - Victoria, Australia


    29    Meryl Swinton - Victoria, Australia


    30    James William Swinton (Deceased) - Victoria, Australia


    31    Edward B. Swinton - Ontario, Canada


    32    Alan Bruce Swinton - Tasmania, Australia


    33    Pamela (Blackmore) Redwood - Victoria, Australia


    34    Beryl (Walker) Mainon - Victoria, Australia


    35    Barbara G. Mordy - California, USA


    36    Adrian C. Swinton - Queensland, Australia


    37    William Swinton McLeod - California, USA


    38    Charles W. Swinton - NSW, Australia


    39    Allan D. Swinton - North Island, New Zealand


    40    Betsy H. (Swinton) Bishop - North Island, New Zealand


    41    Neil A. Swinton - South Island, New Zealand


    42    Mary E. (Fogarty) Powers - South Carolina, USA


    43    Richard L. Matteson - Maryland, USA


    44    Barbara  M. (Blackmore) Ledwood - Victoria, Australia


    45    Mavis I. (Walker) Wilson (deceased) - NSW, Australia


    45a   Kerrie (Walker) Guest - NSW, Australia


    46    Kaye Mobsby - Queensland, Australia


    47    William E. Peachman - NSW, Australia


    47a  Denise R. (Peachman) Lunn - NSW, Australia


    48    Joyce Milton - NSW, Australia


    49    Geoffrey and Jennifer M.P. (Swinton) Wheeler - ACT, Australia


    50    John A. Swinton - Alberta, Canada


    51    Donald W. Swinton - New York, USA


    52    Fiona H. Bichel - Queensland, Australia


    53    Norman Ernest and Joyce (Hannan) Swinton - Victoria, Australia


    54    Stuart Derrick Antill Swinton - NSW, Australia


    55    Alan Robert Antill Swinton - NSW, Australia


    56    Jane P. (Swinton) Blair - Victoria, Australia


    57    William W. Wannamaker III - South Carolina, USA


    58    Neil William Swinton - Queensland, Australia


    59    Edward Campbell Antill Swinton (deceased) - NSW, Australia


    60    Allan C. Swinton - Queensland, Australia


    61    Katharine W. (Jenkins) Cowen - Louisiana, USA


    62    Dr Shirley D. John - Chester, England


    63    Borders Family History Society - Galashiels, Borders, Scotland


    64    Florence L. (Swinton) Beech - Tasmania, Australia


    65    Kitty (Swinton) Kelb - Tasmania, Australia


    66    Helen K. (Ferguson) Bennett - Victoria, Australia


    67    Joan (Swinton) Henderson - Victoria, Australia


    68    Ian R. Swinton - Victoria, Australia


    69    Graeme W. Swinton - Victoria, Australia


    70    Christine E. (Swinton) Wood - Victoria, Australia


    71    I.M. Jean (Swinton) Elton - Tasmania, Australia


    72    Susan E.C. (Sutherland) Collins - Oxfordshire, England


    73    Frank Page [deceased] and Nancy (Haddow) Swinton - Victoria, Australia


    74    Delba G. (Merry) Liebke - Queensland, Australia


    75    Gloria O.C. (Swinton) O’Hanlon - Queensland, Australia


    76    Sharon E. (O’Hanlon) Benn - Queensland, Australia


    77    J. Mitchell Jenkins III - North Carolina, USA


    78    Pamela (Walker) Williams - NSW, Australia


    79     Family History Library, Church of Jesus Christ and the Later Day Saints - Utah, USA


    80    Stephen J. Swinton - Victoria, Australia


    81    J. Maxwell Ferguson - Victoria, Australia


    82    Margery A. (Ferguson) Markwick (deceased) - Victoria, Australia


    82a   Andrew Markwick - Victoria, Australia


    83    Scott D. Swinton - New York, USA


    84    Neil W. Swinton III - Massachusetts, USA


    85    Elizabeth H. (Swinton) Schoen - Wisconsin, USA


    86    Barbara (Swinton) deButts - Massachusetts, USA


    87    Anne B. (Swinton) Ruggles - Massachusetts, USA


    88    Neil W. Swinton Jnr - Massachusetts, USA


    89    Barbara E. (Lloyd) Swinton - Alberta, Canada


    90    Susan J. (Fleming) Kiley - Oregon USA


    91    Adrian Pullar - England


    92    George T. Swinton - Roxburghshire, Scotland


   93    Stuart R. [deceased] and Ailsa (Riddell) Swinton - NSW, Australia


    94    Suzanne A. Swinton - NSW, Australia


    95    Phillip R. Swinton - ACT, Australia


    96    Stewart Swinton - Roxburghshire, Scotland


    97    Graeme P.E. Swinton - ACT, Australia


    98    Jean F. (Galletly) Coutts - NSW, Australia


    99    Lola M. (Swinton) Austan - NSW, Australia


  100    Geoffrey C. and Fiona (MacSymon) Henderson - NSW, Australia


  101    Peter W. Hendreson - Victoria,, Australia


  102    Andrew J. Henderson - Victoria, Australia


  103    Rodger R. Henderson - Victoria, Australia


  104    Prudence E. Gallagher - Victoria, Australia


  105    Keith T. and Joyce (Linney) Swinton - Victoria, Australia


  106    Ernest P.A. and Ruby D.M. (Roohan) Swinton - NSW, Australia


  107    Shannon-Rose (Swinton) Henry - NSW, Australia


  108    Nerida Cain - NSW, Australia


  109    David P. Cuttino - Georgia, USA


  110    Margaret Garside - NSW, Australia


  111    Patricia (Harrelson) Cassedy - Maryland, USA


  112    Diedre B.A. (Swinton) Milne - NSW, Australia


  113    B. Rosemary (Milne) Rumble - Queensland, Australia


  114    N. Suisan (Milne) Cini - NSW, Australia


  115    L. Wendy Milne - NSW, Australia


  116    J. Sally (Milne) Salter - NSW, Australia


  117    Toinette L. (Milne) Dobell - NSW, Australia


  118    Phillip D. Swinton - NSW, Australia


  119    Bernard A. Swinton - Essex, England


  120    Vivienne S. (Moore) Dunstan - Fife, Scotland


  121    Stephen Kelb - Queensland, Australia


  122    Jane E. MacNamara - Ontario, Canada


  123    Ralph Swinton Blackmore - Victoria, Australia


  124    Richard G. Swinton (deceased) - NSW, Australia


  124a   Gregory and Lisa Swinton - NSW, Australia


  125    Miss George Townsend - South Carolina, USA


  126    Joseph M. Swinton - Tayside, Scotland


  127    Robert Swinton - NSW, Australia


  128    Barbara M.M. (Swinton) Carter - Queensland, Australia


  129    Carolyn (Swinton) Gransbury - ACT, Australia


  130    Colin E. Swinton - Victoria, Australia


  131    Brian and Cheryl (Baldwin) Swinton - NSW, Australia


  132    Becky S. (Bennett) Wallace - Texas,USA


  133    Anthony D. Swinton - NSW, Australia


  134    Andrew J. Swinton - Western Australia


  135    Karina Page (Swinton) James - Victoria, Australia


  136    Mona C. (Laird) Swinton - Victoria, Australia


  137    Scott M. Swinton - Michigan, USA


  138    Ann Swinton - Tasmania, Australia


  139    James Swinton-Callander - East Sussex, England


  140    Albert H. Swinton - Kent, England


  141    Margaret A. Swinton - Alberta, Canada


  142    Spencer S. Swinton II - Pennsylvania, USA


  143    Donna J. (Orvis) Butt - Massachusetts, USA


  144    Atholie (Robinson) Jackson (deceased) - Queensland, Australia


  145    Susan (Walker Wright - NSW, Australia


  146    Michael T. Smith - South Carolina, USA


  147    Courtney N.A. Swinton (deceased) - South Africa


  148    David Swinton Wulfman - Nova Scotia, Canada


  149    Tracey (Cash) Reed - NSW, Australia


  150    Thomas K. Swinton - Zimbabwe, Africa


  151    George F. Weston - California, USA


  152    Sarah (Swinton) Boase - Victoria, Australia


  153    Wynona (Kennedy) Gossett - Texas, USA


  154    Thomas F. and Leslie J. (Birch) Poché - Maryland, USA


  155    Jane L. (Swinton) Dickson - West Lothian, Scotland


  156    D. John and Donna G. (Doughty) Swinton - Ontario, Canada


  157    Society of Genealogists - London, England


  158    J.E. Doreen (Swinton) Wardhaugh - Roxburghshire, Scotland


  159    Ryan I. Swinton - South Africa


  160    Leslie (Linington) Erasmus - South Africaa


  161    Stuart A. Swinton - NSW, Australia


  162    Ian Jones - Queensland, Australia


  163    Melissa (Jones) Anderson - Florida, USA


  164    Matekoraha Oneroa Eruera - North Island, New Zealand


  165    Keri Eruera - Victoria, Australia


  166    Lesley (Hunt) Chaplin - NSW, Australia


  167    Margaret E. (McCreath) McNamara - Queensland, Australia


  168    Terry Davys - ACT, Australia


  169    Nicole (Trembath) Luxton - Queensland, Australia


  170    Gwendoline P. (Gillan) Hayhoe - British Columbia, Canada


  171    Robert J. Swinton - South Australia


  172    Mary Swinton (Johnston) Scott - Alberta, Canada


  173    Nicholas John Swinton - Essex, England


  174    Linda M. Shea - British Columbia, Canada


  175    Rex Lionel Swinton - NSW, Australia


  175a   Tiffany G. Swinton - NSW, Australia


  176    Wilma K. Millar - Alberta, Canada


  177    Nancy C. (Porter) Gathright - Louisiana, USA


  178    Donna J. (Orvis) Butt - Massachusetts, USA


  179    Jane B. Swinton - Massachusetts, USA


  180    Sheree Swinton - Queensland, Australia


  181    Emma L. (Swinton) Sunley - Queensland, Australia


  182    James C. Swinton - Berwickshire, Scotland


  183    Sonya DeVonne Swinton - Maryland, USA


  184    Jurlean K. (Swinton) Longnecker - Oklahoma, USA


  185    Josephine A. (Swinton) Patience - Devon, England


  186    Ellen Emerson - Vermont, USA


  187    Heidi (Sorensen) Swinton - Utah, USA


  188    John R. and Dorothy F. (Saunders) Crook - Alabama, USA


  189    Julie Case - Washington, USA


  190    The Genealogy Society of Victoria - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


  191    The Guild of One-Name Studies - London, England


  192    David Swinton - Fifeshire, Scotland


  193    Scott R. Gabrielson - Virginia, USA


  194    Kasmin Nikora - North Island, New Zealand


  195    Robert Allan Swinton - Ontario, Canada


  196    Isabella (McGlinchy) Dawson - South Island, New Zealand


  197    Karl J. Stone - Colorado, USA


  198    Margery Skene Swinton - Stirlingshire, Scotland


  199    Barbara N. Swinton - Vermont, USA


  200    Robert Leitch Swinton - Minnesota, USA


  201    Marjorie A. Mouer - Nevada, USA


  202    Graeme Allan Swinton - Victoria, Australia


  203    Pauline (Swinton) Lynch - Victoria, Australia


  204    Marion Elizabeth (Swinton) Wallace - Victoria, Australia


  205    Lynette (Swinton) Cole - Victoria, Australia


  206    Lawrence R. Swinton - Alabama, USA


  207    Mary Marguerite (Swinton) Cleman - California, USA


  208    Susan Swinton - West Midlands, England


  209    Sally Bales - Michigan, USA


  210    Geoffrey Nelson - California, USA


  211    Douglas and Marion Richardson - Wisconsin, USA


  212    John Harrison - Winchester, England


  213    Thomas Charles and Kathleen A. (Govey) Cook - Victoria, Australia


  214    Roberta Dawson - North Carolina, USA


  215    Gloria (Scomazzon) Geeves - Queensland, Australia


  216    Valerie C.M. Swinton - Ontario, Canada


  217    John Lewis Cribb- NSW, Australia





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