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William M. Milligan  June 23, 1844 -   Feb 21, 1911  

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This photo is William M. Milligan, 1844-1911. He is the great grandson of Jacob Milligan.  This photo was obviously taken during the Civil War.

From The Milligan Family History, by Lester Milligan, 1969

"My grandfather, William M. Milligan, came from a large family and was born on Third St., NY City, and lived at various times on Watt St, Sullivan St., and Hudson St., all in the vicinity of the approach to the Holland tunnel. His schooling was brief and his youth was spent as an apprentice to his father in a machine shop. His mother died when he was quite young and at his fathers death, he left home and worked at various trades that afforded lodgings. At one time he operated a floating derrick on which he lived. His days of diversion were limited to a carriage ride to Caransie and to the beach which is now known as Coney Island, and had an occasional sail on the East River. He enlisted as a volunteer with the 84th NY regiment and served his term in the Civil War. On November 7, 1866, he married Sarah E. Broome, who was a war nurse and also came from a large family of boys and girls. She was born on Houston Street, NY and was the daughter of old Dutch Settlers. She often mentioned of playing on the beach, along on the East River for her home was in the suburbs of the original City.

Her father (Broome) was a ship builder and worked on the battleship Monitor, the cheese box on a raft, that defeated the Merrimac in one of the deciding battles of the civil war. He used to row daily from home in New York across the East River to Greenpoint where he worked. He died in a small house on Great East Neck Rd., West Babylon, LI, NY in 1892 and my grandmother died in Greenpoint about 1905.

Another relative, Edward Wiard Milligan, also worked on the Monitor.

After William & Sarah were married, William started a business on Eckford Street, Greenpoint, with a fish market., and later moved to Norman Avenue. They lived in Bayville, LI, NY, for a time and moved to West Babylon in 1881, where William built his own house which still stands (in 1969). They had almost a complete farm with horses, cows, pigs, chickens, turnkeys, ducks, pigeons, dogs, cats, and a tame crow. They lived good during the hard times of the 1890's as they raised most of their needs. There were no modern improvements and had a large stove for heating, water from a pump in the kitchen (that sometimes froze in winter) and kerosene lamps for light. All had to help with the chores to produce food for the table and feed for the animals and help in building boats and clam tongs which were sold. There was a complete workshop and William was skillful with tools, none of which compare to the power tools of today. In middle age he was engaged in net fishing and clams for the city market and sailing fishing parties. His ledgers show that he received but two to four cents per pound for fish that now sell for $1 (in 1969).

He died on February 21, 1911 as the result of a throat operation at the age of 67 years and is buried in his family plot in Greenwood Cemetery. My Grandmother died on Jan. 2, 1929 at the age of 82 and is buried in my fathers family plot in Babylon cemetery.



The sons of William and Sarah Milligan taken on the porch of the Milligan Homestead in Babylon, NY circa 1918. According to the inscription they are, left to right: William, Samuel, Fred, Arthur, Rob & Ed.





BROME FAMILY - This email was received Dec 5, 2011 from Robert Milligan IV of Brevard, NC

By comparing census records from 1860, 1870 and 1880 it is clear that William M. Milliganís wife was Sarah E. Brome, not Broome. Both of her parents (Charles b. abt 1817 and Mary, b. abt 1821) were born in New York and Charles Brome's parents were both born in England (according to the 1880 census). This is contrary to Lester Milligan's claim that Sarah Broome (Brome) came from an old Dutch family. The 1870 census for the 17th ward of Kings County in New York (Green Point section) shows that William M. Milligan and Sarah Brome Milligan lived next door to her parents and her adult brother Levi Brome and his family. Living with Charles Brome (age 53, occupation ship joiner) is his wife Mary (age 49, kept house), son Charles (age 27, ship joiner), son Robert (age 21, painter) and daughter Lena (age 17, at home). Also living with Charles and Mary Brome was Elizabeth Nichols (age 71, widow, born in New Jersey). Next door to Charles was William M. Milligan (age 26, occupation engineer) and Sarah Brome Milligan (age 23, kept house). They lived there with their sons Charles, age 3, and Robert Francis, age 1 (my G Grandfather). Living next door to William and Sarah is Levi Brome (age 25, ship joiner) and his family. Levi is Sarah's brother and the son of Charles and Mary Brome.


Some new information received from Rich Marlow,  January 2015:

Hi  there!

I just got a copy of William M. Milligan's death certificate from NY. It has been driving me crazy that he died in Feb 1911, but his wife Sarah is listed as a widow in the1910 census. She was also listed as head of household in the1905 NY census with no mention of William.

But the death cert confirms William's passing as we have believed it to be. He was hospitalized at the NY Post-graduate Hospital at 301 E. 20th St in Manhattan for surgery on an esophageal diverticulum, or rupture. He developed pneumonia and died after spending 16 days in hospital. The hospital is no longer there. It is now a park across from NYU hospital. The dc gives an address of 609 Knickerbocker Avenue in Brooklyn, which is several blocks from the address the Milligan's had in 1910 on Quincy St. But if that was their home in 1911 it could be Grandpa's birthplace.

The dc lists his age as 67, although he hadn't reached that birthday, which would have come in June 1911. It shows his Father Wm. Milligan born in South Carolina and mother Liza Meserole born in New York. This is the first time I have seen her as Meserole; we have always assumed that was her mother's maiden name. So now I wonder if she was a Miller or a Meserole.  I have found an Eliza Meserole of the right age living with her daughter Eliza Vorhees and family in 1880 in Brooklyn. Perhaps she remarried after William E. died in SC in 1861...maybe to a distant cousin?  Have not found anything to support that, although Eliza Vorhees is the right age to be Elizabeth Emory Milligan, born in1842. Will keep looking into that.

Oddly, the death certificate does not list who the respondent was who provided all this information. Usually that person is listed, typically a son or daughter or spouse.

Interestingly, his undertaker was Charles W. Brome of Jamaica, NY, who was Sarah's nephew.

It does list him being buried in Green Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.  I found the Milligan plot there some years back when I went to NY, but not his grave stone. He is listed on Find-a-Grave, though.

 So that's all, except I still wonder where he was in 1905 and 1910. In 1900 he managed to get counted twice, at the Brooklyn home and at the Babylon homestead!

 That's all for now. Cliff has a trip to Honolulu Monday and is going to take your Mom to dinner, so that's fun. Love to everyone!



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William Milligan image restored - Civil War uniform, c. 1861-4.

Above : Circa 1902

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 William and Sarah Brome Milligan & Children

The occasion may have been their daughter Florence's wedding to George Neaves. They are the young couple standing behind William and Sarah in the center. Not sure exactly who everyone else is, but my great grandfather Frederick H. Milligan is standing second from the right and the two youngest, William D.Milligan and Bessie M. Sprague are in front. Bessie died in 1998 at the age of 107.





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