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Milligan Descendants and Ancestors of Charleston SC and New York

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In Loving Memory

Karen L. Clay Millang

1946-2017  Ocala FL

Daughter of Walter and Corrine Milligan Clay


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Halsey Map of Early Charleston SCThe Life and Family of

Captain Jacob Milligan - American Patriot 

1747 - 1796

This website is provided by a current generation of Milligan cousins, with thanks to some of our ancestors who took time to record information (Lester Milligan of New York and Florence Milligan of Charleston, both now deceased). Special thanks also to Sean Milligan, Ed Milligan and Donald Anderson, all Milligan cousins.  The editor is Scott Gabrielson.

Note: Scott has recently retired and relocated to SC and looks forward to more research and engagement in the Milligan Family Tree soon!


Jacob Milligan's Letter to President George Washington - 1789

New - Notes on Geo Washington Visit to Charleston in 1791

Note: Captain Jacob Milligan was one of the 12 "Ship Captains" who rowed Washington across the bay and escorted him to the Exchange.                               

 Early Map of Charleston SC

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Frederick Henson Milligan

Above:  My Great Grandfather, Frederick Henson Milligan  1886-1966  holding me (right) and cousin Richie Marlow (left)

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